Smart Common Input Method platform, in short SCIM, is a development platform to make Input Method developers live easier. It has very clear architecture and very simple programming interface.

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Build config James Su
configure script and makefile.
Core: libscim James Su
Provides the core functions and interface of SCIM.
Core: Other James Su
Other parts of scim core package, like libscim-gtkutils etc.
Documentation James Su
User manual and developer documentation.
FrontEnd: Core James Su
FrontEnd is used to provide support for client input method interface or protocol, like XIM, gtk immodule or qt immodule.
FrontEnd: GTK IMModule James Su
FrontEnd to support gtk immodule interface.
FrontEnd: Other James Su
Other FrontEnds.
FrontEnd: QT IMModule James Su
FrontEnd to support qt immodule interface.
FrontEnd: XIM James Su
FrontEnd to support X11 XIM input method protocol.
IMEngine: Core James Su
Input Method Engine, in sort IMEngine, is the core part of SCIM, in which the real input method logic is implemented.
IMEngine: Generic Table James Su
Provides input method services by generic conversion table files.
IMEngine: M17N James Su
Uses m17n library as backend to provide input method services.
IMEngine: Other James Su
Other IMEngines.
IMEngine: Smart Pinyin James Su
Provides a Simplified Chinese pinyin input method.
IMEngine: UIM James Su
Uses uim library as backend to provide input method services.
Other James Su
Other issues.
Panel: Core James Su
Panel is used to provide input method graphical user interface.
Panel: scim-panel-gtk James Su
The default panel shipped with scim, which is based on gtk2 library.
Panel: scim-panel-kde (skim) James Su
Another panel implementation which is based on KDE/QT.

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