Bug 103458

Summary: Containers (#100344): Work out what to do about unrestricted connections
Product: dbus Reporter: Simon McVittie <smcv>
Component: coreAssignee: Simon McVittie <smcv>
Status: RESOLVED MOVED QA Contact: D-Bus Maintainers <dbus>
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: medium CC: alexl, dbus, desrt, smcv
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Bug Depends on: 101354    
Bug Blocks: 100344    

Description Simon McVittie 2017-10-25 18:23:34 UTC
Flatpak has the concept of unrestricted connections to the session and system buses, selected by --socket=session-bus, --socket=system-bus. These bind-mount the session or system bus socket directly into the container if possible (or use flatpak-dbus-proxy in pass-through mode if the socket is abstract), without interposing flatpak-dbus-proxy --filter and its implicit restrictions on what the connection can do (such as forbidding UpdateActivationEnvironment()).

These connections are effectively totally trusted - there are lots of ways an unrestricted connection to the session bus can execute arbitrary code outside the sandbox context (doing the equivalent of `systemd-run --scope $your_payload_here` is an obvious one, and so is the o.fd.Flatpak.Development interface), and the same is probably true for the system bus. But we probably want to be able to *identify* these connections, even though we can't *control* them.

With the implementation in Bug #101354, there are some hard-coded things that such connections can never do:

* Call methods with METHOD_FLAG_PRIVILEGED:
  (privilege escalation via LD_PRELOAD etc.),
  DBus.BecomeMonitor() (privileged information leak)

* Call methods with METHOD_FLAG_NO_CONTAINERS:
  Containers1.AddServer() (privilege escalation via specifying weaker access
  control, identity spoofing by specifying a different identity for the
  Containers1.{StopInstance,StopListening}() (denial of service),
  the whole Verbose interface (indirect information leak, denial of service
  because Verbose is really really spammy),
  the whole Stats interface (minor information leak)

* Add match rules that enable eavesdropping (privileged information leak)

* Report that systemd activation has failed (denial of service)

* Probably more in future

I'm not sure whether a contained app will ever do these in practice. I could imagine GNOME Builder wanting to BecomeMonitor() or use Verbose or Stats, although at the moment it just uses --talk-name=org.freedesktop.Flatpak to escalate its privileges, rather than having a totally unrestricted socket.

Options include:

* Deny some or all of this on filtered connections (Bug #101902), let
  container managers allow it by adding extra allow rules, and maybe
  allow it on unfiltered connections (until Bug #101902, that's all
  connections) to preserve the invariant that not specifying filtering
  means allowing everything that can possibly be allowed

* Unconditionally forbid this stuff on the assumption that nobody will
  ever need it

* Either now, or later (if we unconditionally forbade it but we turned
  out to be wrong about never needing it), have a flag in the a{sv} of
  named arguments that relaxes our access control for a particular
  container instance (maybe {'AllowMonitoring': <true>} etc.?), and
  relax some of the restrictions in that situation

If we might let containers do privileged things in future, we might want to change the semantics of M_F_PRIVILEGED so that it's orthogonal to M_F_NO_CONTAINERS (in Bug #101354 as currently proposed, M_F_NO_CONTAINERS is strictly weaker than M_F_PRIVILEGED); or, alternatively, we might want to add a M_F_PRIVILEGED_UID that is really orthogonal to M_F_NO_CONTAINERS, which would make M_F_PRIVILEGED equivalent to M_F_PRIVILEGED_UID|M_F_NO_CONTAINERS.
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