Bug 6185

Summary: Strange pointer operations in fbCompositeTrans_0888xnx0888 (pixman/src/fbpict.c)
Product: cairo Reporter: Ken Herron <kherron+cairo>
Component: generalAssignee: Carl Worth <cworth>
Status: RESOLVED FIXED QA Contact: cairo-bugs mailing list <cairo-bugs>
Severity: normal    
Priority: high    
Version: 1.1.1   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
URL: http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=cairo;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=pixman/src/fbpict.c#l1154
i915 platform: i915 features:

Description Ken Herron 2006-03-09 05:09:57 UTC
This was flagged by a coverity scan of the mozilla source code. In
pixman/src/fbpict.c around line 1154, there's a switch statement:

         case 1: ...
         case 2: ...
         case 3: ...

|dst| here is a pointer. The switch expression makes no sense; !anything will
always evaluate to 0 or 1 so the "2" and "3" cases are unreachable.  The
programmer probably meant |~(long)dst&3| or |(long)dst&3|.

A similar construct appears around line 1230 involving the variable |src|.
Comment 1 Carl Worth 2006-03-14 08:23:26 UTC
This is now fixed in 1.1.1 and 1.0.3.


diff-tree 5d89faf6b37bb0367c8ba8f8637fc80bd745c888 (from
Author: Carl Worth <cworth@cworth.org>
Date:   Mon Mar 13 13:20:29 2006 -0800

    fbCompositeTrans_0888xnx0888: Fix suspicious logical negation of pointer value.

    Surely, the ! instead of ~ here was just a typo. I'd feel better if I
    had a failing test case for this though, (time to break out gcov

    Fixes bug #6185:

        Strange pointer operations in fbCompositeTrans_0888xnx0888

diff --git a/pixman/src/fbpict.c b/pixman/src/fbpict.c
index e074174..ef7f4e2 100644
--- a/pixman/src/fbpict.c
+++ b/pixman/src/fbpict.c
@@ -1151,7 +1151,7 @@ fbCompositeTrans_0888xnx0888(pixman_oper

                                /* get to word aligned */
-                               switch(!(long)dst&3)
+                               switch(~(long)dst&3)
                                        case 1:
@@ -1227,7 +1227,7 @@ fbCompositeTrans_0888xnx0888(pixman_oper
                                srcLine += srcStride;
                                w = width*3;
                                /* get to word aligned */
-                               switch(!(long)src&3)
+                               switch(~(long)src&3)
                                        case 1:

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