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71 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
28520 DRI DRM/Rade dri-devel NEW --- X: page allocation failure. 2.6.35-rc3 2014-02-13
74532 DRI General dri-devel NEW --- Sanitize all freed GPU memory 2014-02-04
106136 DRI DRM/Inte francesco.balestrieri NEW --- per-process/context memory usage accounting for i915 2018-11-07
19377 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs NEW --- Using xdg-open in mailcap causes serious hole in Firefox! 2009-09-09
52001 xorg Driver/R xorg-driver-ati NEW --- No gpu fan control and no powersaving with radeon driver and ATI Mobility HD4650 2014-02-13
73995 ITS Tool general shaunm NEW --- ITS Tool releases could be PGP-signed 2014-01-23
6642 xorg Server/G ajax RESO FIXE XCB rendertest crashes server 2006-11-08
6213 xorg Server/D daniel RESO FIXE local user DoS and arbitrary code execution as root [CVE-2006-0745] 2006-03-21
108149 Spam Two hpj RESO INVA password filed show password Wed 22:33
51819 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs RESO FIXE Password-protected documents saved unencrypted for auto-recovery 2014-03-25
15553 Xtests General mohammed.arif RESO NOTO No summary 2008-04-17
15555 Xtests General mohammed.arif RESO INVA No summary 2008-04-17
60916 dbus GLib smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2013-0292: authentication bypass due to insufficient checks in dbus-glib < 0.100.1 2013-02-18
9356 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO WONT poor colormap management 2010-03-26
594 xorg Server/G ajax RESO FIXE [fb/afb/cfb/mfb] exploitable overflow in pixmap creation 2005-09-12
11045 dbus core hp RESO NOTO hald_dbus.c:4080: dbus_bus_get(): Did not receive a reply 2007-08-06
83000 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs RESO DUPL VIEWING: Security Bug whith Thumbnails 2014-08-24
7116 xorg * Other matthieu.herrb RESO FIXE setuid return fixes 2008-12-01
19305 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO WONT [PATCH] delete of NULL pointer on Win32 2008-12-28
25539 freedesk New Acco sitewranglers RESO WORK Impossible to register new user, security code showing fails. 2010-03-09
50198 freedesk Bugzilla sitewranglers RESO FIXE Please update Bugzilla to the latest version 2012-09-23
88811 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2015-0245: systemd activation in dbus >= 1.4 is subject to local denial of service 2015-02-09
98157 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE format string vulnerability processing ActivationFailure messages 2016-10-10
53254 LibreOff Installa timar74 RESO FIXE UI: msi packages of 3.6.0 release not signed in contrast to recent months of 3.5.x msi packages? 2012-08-09
8000 xorg Server/G xorg_security RESO FIXE [type1] integer overflow in scan_cidfont() 2006-09-13
8001 xorg Server/G xorg_security RESO FIXE cidafm() integer overflows 2006-09-13
9267 xorg Server/G xorg_security RESO FIXE multiple integer overflows in XRender and Dbe extensions 2007-12-10
10001 xorg Security xorg_security RESO FIXE integer overflow in xc-misc [CVE-2007-1003] 2007-12-10
94281 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg_security RESO FIXE XSetCommand integer overflow 2018-03-30
25112 xorg App/xdm alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE Xdm enable root login, when this is forbidden in Xresources 2010-04-12
23506 openclip website clipart RESO NOTO HTTPS certificate for missing domain 2010-08-18
33318 cairo general cworth RESO WORK Crash due to missing cairo_clip_init call in cairo_gstate_show_text_glyphs 2012-02-09
35311 dbus core dbus RESO MOVE sysdeps-win: abuse of sprintf into fixed-size buffers 2018-10-12
15740 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Add a new method "GetAuditSessionData" for Solaris auditing 2008-06-05
18229 dbus core hp RESO FIXE send_requested_reply="true" allows all non-reply messages 2010-01-08
68895 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs RESO INVA Pressing Ctrl-Z ends in general failure of Writer 2014-10-05
70268 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs RESO WORK FILEOPEN: a possible defect in accessing an embedded link to a site that requires authentication 2015-01-23
84397 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs RESO DUPL Startscreen shows screenshot of an encrypted file 2014-09-27
17224 xorg Driver/n p00r0 RESO NOTO Debian Unstable xorg-server 2:1.4.2-4 nv drive video-color not right 2008-08-22
63190 poppler utils poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Broken file loops poppler 2013-04-25
107877 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs RESO FIXE deepin-desktop: xdg-email: no method available for opening 'mailto:' 2018-11-21
18654 freedesk Website sitewranglers RESO WONT Root CA Certificate not verified for unknown reasons 2009-02-22
25738 freedesk Account sitewranglers RESO DUPL can't hide my email in bugzilla 2010-01-28
76220 freedesk New Acco sitewranglers RESO NOTO New Account Request - LibreOffice Developer - marciowb 2014-05-20
77285 freedesk Administ sitewranglers RESO INVA Issue with login details 2014-05-20
89682 freedesk Version sitewranglers RESO FIXE Please enable https on 2016-04-01
90915 freedesk Website sitewranglers RESO FIXE Enable HTTPS on 2016-02-15
78979 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE [CVE-2014-3477] security and activation: error and denial of service 2014-06-10
80163 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3532: kick any connection off the bus with fdpassing: denial of service 2014-07-02
80559 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3637: Immortal D-Bus connection in dbus-daemon 2014-09-16
80919 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3639: Security implications of Bug #80851 - max_incomplete_connections 2014-09-16
81053 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3638: Flooding dbus-daemon with pending replies: denial of service 2014-09-16
82820 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3636: using all available file descriptors in dbus-daemon: limit DEFAULT_MESSAGE_UNIX_FDS 2014-09-16
83499 dbus core smcv RESO MOVE document the assumption that makes our use of credentials-passing secure 2018-10-12
83622 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-3635: buffer overflow at fd-passing limit 2014-09-16
85105 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2014-7824: increase file descriptor limit to avoid DoS (incomplete fix for CVE-2014-3636) 2014-11-10
90414 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE potentially uses rand() where a cryptographically strong PRNG is required 2015-05-14
38615 Spice spicec ( spice-bugs RESO WONT Spicec (win32) & SSL => Runtimeerror + potential fix for it 2015-06-19
80070 systemd general systemd-bugs RESO FIXE RFE: systemd-logind: allow "loginctl kill-session" for user's own session 2015-02-18
107904 Spam Two thomas RESO INVA canon support Wed 22:33
27757 xorg Driver/R xorg-driver-ati RESO FIXE garbage on x startup for 1-2 seconds 2015-04-23
12298 xorg App/xfs xorg_security RESO FIXE Integer overflows in build_range() [CVE-2007-4989] 2007-12-10
12299 xorg App/xfs xorg_security RESO FIXE swap_char2b() Heap Overflow Vulnerability [CVE-2007-4990] 2007-12-10
15222 xorg Security xorg_security RESO FIXE Multiple X server vulnerabilities reported by iDefense 2009-05-21
24284 xorg Security xorg_security RESO NOTO /etc/skel/.xinitrc and .xsessionrc permissions are 755 2009-10-02
88507 xorg Security xorg_security RESO FIXE Strings length not checked in Xkb 2015-02-10
15594 xorg Server/I xorg-team RESO MOVE need censoring of motion history 2018-12-17
56508 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO FIXE 4-byte buffer overflow in MakeBigReq 2013-03-09
107703 Beignet Beignet zhigang.gong RESO FIXE unnecessary text field is present in Login page 2018-08-28
15550 apoc Desktop alberto.ruiz CLOS FIXE Able to withdraw money greater than the amount available 2008-04-17
15556 burn General soala.sravani CLOS FIXE Able to withdraw money greater than the amount available 2008-04-17
71 bugs found.


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