Bug 16180 - YouTube works if I occasionally pause/unpause
Summary: YouTube works if I occasionally pause/unpause
Alias: None
Product: swfdec
Classification: Unclassified
Component: library (show other bugs)
Version: 0.6.6
Hardware: PowerPC Linux (All)
: medium normal
Assignee: swfdec ml
QA Contact: swfdec ml
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Reported: 2008-05-31 22:35 UTC by Andrew McNabb
Modified: 2008-09-24 07:17 UTC (History)
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Description Andrew McNabb 2008-05-31 22:35:18 UTC
YouTube videos work well except that something strange happens about once every 10 seconds.  The video will freeze for one or two seconds, and when it starts going again, there is no sound.  Pausing and then unpausing the video seems to bring it back.

I can work around the problem by double-clicking the pause button every time it starts to freeze.  As you can imagine, this is an annoying solution.

Anyway, let me know if there's anything simple I can do to give you more information.  Thanks for your hard work on swfdec; I really appreciate it.
Comment 1 Benjamin Otte 2008-06-01 07:05:13 UTC
Yay, a Heisenbug.
I've never heard of a problem like this, but it might be related to hitting 100% CPU load and some garbage collector (maybe Swfdec's internal one, but X might be reclaiming texture memory from the driver, too) running periodically.

The suggested method to get this fixed is upgrading to a faster computer. ;)
Comment 2 Riccardo Magliocchetti 2008-06-01 14:53:24 UTC
I thought this was more popular :) From my own experience what i see is that rendering costs a lot in term of cpu time (mostly pixman) and there's a sort of underrun because it steal cpu time to download stuff. FYI here cpu time is around 30% swfdec and 70% X with radeon driver and xaa acceleration.
Comment 3 Andrew McNabb 2008-06-01 16:11:10 UTC
CPU is definitely an issue.  Firefox uses 90% or so of the CPU when I'm watching a video.  In fact, Firefox still uses 60% of the CPU even when the video is paused.

It can't help that I can only use the nv and nouveau drivers, neither of which are super fast.  (the problem happens with both nv and nouveau)

Anyway, upgrading sounds like a great idea, but I don't have that kind of money right now.  I agree; it would be nice.
Comment 4 Riccardo Magliocchetti 2008-09-08 05:18:31 UTC
Andrew, can you give 0.8 a try please?
Comment 5 Andrew McNabb 2008-09-08 06:56:30 UTC
Riccardo, I just looked at koji, and the latest build seems to be swfdec-0.7.4-1.fc10.
Comment 6 Riccardo Magliocchetti 2008-09-08 08:38:58 UTC
No hurry :) one thing you may want to try is using a version of pixman more recent of 0.11.2 which started shipping some altivec optimization.
Comment 7 Riccardo Magliocchetti 2008-09-21 09:37:01 UTC
Andrew, just looked to koji, you should find both pixman 0.12.0 and swfdec 0.8.0.
Comment 8 Andrew McNabb 2008-09-24 06:40:43 UTC
With pixman 0.12.0 and swfdec 0.8.0, Youtube videos are now playable.  They're still a little choppy, and the sound will occasionally make a loud blip, but it's a huge improvement.
Comment 9 Riccardo Magliocchetti 2008-09-24 07:17:01 UTC
Cool, you are now on par with me in swfdec playback smoothness :). The next boost in performance will from nouveau exa acceleration work i think; major releases of cairo usually helps too. So i'm closing this because it's more matter of the ecosystem rather than swfdec itself.

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