Bug 37907 - [swrast] SIGSEGV swrast/s_depth.c:569
Summary: [swrast] SIGSEGV swrast/s_depth.c:569
Alias: None
Product: Mesa
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Other (show other bugs)
Version: git
Hardware: x86 (IA32) Linux (All)
: medium critical
Assignee: Brian Paul
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Reported: 2011-06-03 19:11 UTC by Vinson Lee
Modified: 2011-08-11 09:46 UTC (History)
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Description Vinson Lee 2011-06-03 19:11:14 UTC
mesa: 6491e9593d5cbc5644eb02593a2f562447efdcbb (master)

Run piglit hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d0-s8 test.

$ ./bin/hiz-depth-stencil-test-fbo-d0-s8 -auto
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(gdb) bt
#0  0x003d3fc2 in depth_test_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644) at swrast/s_depth.c:569
#1  0x003d5444 in _swrast_depth_test_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644) at swrast/s_depth.c:1158
#2  0x003e1576 in stencil_and_ztest_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644, face=0) at swrast/s_stencil.c:481
#3  0x003e2dda in _swrast_stencil_and_ztest_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644) at swrast/s_stencil.c:1000
#4  0x003df7b1 in _swrast_write_rgba_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644) at swrast/s_span.c:1134
#5  0x003f1e56 in smooth_rgba_triangle (ctx=0x86d6c00, v0=0xb6955020, v1=0xb6955208, v2=0xb69555d8) at swrast/s_tritemp.h:819
#6  0x003d22f2 in _swrast_validate_triangle (ctx=0x86d6c00, v0=0xb6955020, v1=0xb6955208, v2=0xb69555d8) at swrast/s_context.c:358
#7  0x003d2d1e in _swrast_Triangle (ctx=0x86d6c00, v0=0xb6955020, v1=0xb6955208, v2=0xb69555d8) at swrast/s_context.c:701
#8  0x00405636 in triangle_rgba (ctx=0x86d6c00, e0=0, e1=1, e2=3) at swrast_setup/ss_tritmp.h:176
#9  0x00405667 in quadfunc_rgba (ctx=0x86d6c00, v0=0, v1=1, v2=2, v3=3) at swrast_setup/ss_tritmp.h:232
#10 0x003983fb in _tnl_render_quads_verts (ctx=0x86d6c00, start=0, count=4, flags=55) at tnl/t_vb_rendertmp.h:383
#11 0x0039a207 in run_render (ctx=0x86d6c00, stage=0x872e968) at tnl/t_vb_render.c:321
#12 0x0038b295 in _tnl_run_pipeline (ctx=0x86d6c00) at tnl/t_pipeline.c:153
#13 0x0038c6be in _tnl_draw_prims (ctx=0x86d6c00, arrays=0x871cbec, prim=0xbfaad1ec, nr_prims=1, ib=0x0, min_index=0, max_index=3) at tnl/t_draw.c:524
#14 0x0038c3d2 in _tnl_vbo_draw_prims (ctx=0x86d6c00, arrays=0x871cbec, prim=0xbfaad1ec, nr_prims=1, ib=0x0, index_bounds_valid=1 '\001', min_index=0, 
    max_index=3) at tnl/t_draw.c:424
#15 0x0037b9e0 in vbo_draw_arrays (ctx=0x86d6c00, mode=7, start=0, count=4, numInstances=1) at vbo/vbo_exec_array.c:640
#16 0x0037bb37 in vbo_exec_DrawArrays (mode=7, start=0, count=4) at vbo/vbo_exec_array.c:671
#17 0x08091784 in piglit_draw_rect ()
#18 0x0806b92f in hiz_run_test_depth_stencil_test_fbo ()
#19 0x0806a47b in piglit_display ()
#20 0x0806c48f in display ()
#21 0x00f5d820 in fghRedrawWindow (window=0x86d4000, enumerator=0xbfaad428) at freeglut_main.c:210
#22 fghcbDisplayWindow (window=0x86d4000, enumerator=0xbfaad428) at freeglut_main.c:227
#23 0x00f61660 in fgEnumWindows (enumCallback=0xf5d790 <fghcbDisplayWindow>, enumerator=0xbfaad428) at freeglut_structure.c:394
#24 0x00f5dcdb in fghDisplayAll () at freeglut_main.c:249
#25 glutMainLoopEvent () at freeglut_main.c:1450
#26 0x00f5e605 in glutMainLoop () at freeglut_main.c:1498
#27 0x0806c633 in main ()
(gdb) frame 0
#0  0x003d3fc2 in depth_test_span (ctx=0x86d6c00, span=0xbfaac644) at swrast/s_depth.c:569
569	   if (rb->GetPointer(ctx, rb, 0, 0)) {
(gdb) print rb
$2 = (struct gl_renderbuffer *) 0x0
Comment 1 Brian Paul 2011-08-11 07:54:11 UTC
Fixed with commit 37a64baea87c470a68f9b2582af86783eb3509c4
Comment 2 Vinson Lee 2011-08-11 09:46:21 UTC
mesa: 099aad2fb0dba8baff61dc7a6803c6c976c08069 (master)

Verified fixed.

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