Bug 3915 - cairo_pattern_create_for_surface should catch surface == NULL
Summary: cairo_pattern_create_for_surface should catch surface == NULL
Alias: None
Product: cairo
Classification: Unclassified
Component: image backend (show other bugs)
Version: 0.9.3
Hardware: x86 (IA32) Linux (All)
: high normal
Assignee: Carl Worth
QA Contact: cairo-bugs mailing list
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Reported: 2005-07-30 07:32 UTC by Sebastien Bacher
Modified: 2005-08-22 00:14 UTC (History)
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Description Sebastien Bacher 2005-07-30 07:32:47 UTC
This bug is a part of the issue described by

"I'm using KDE desktop but some applications I run use cairo rendering, eg. gvim
and eclipse. Both of these (and all other cairo using apps) crash with SEGV when
I try to click on their menus or try to open any popup windows, but only if I
use gtk2-engines-gtk-qt."
Comment 1 Sebastien Bacher 2005-07-30 07:34:02 UTC
the bug happens since cairo 0.6.0. According to owen that's a qt-gtk issue but
cairo_pattern_create_for_surface should catch surface == NULL.

Backtrace of the crash:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1218722112 (LWP 18994)]
0xb774e440 in _cairo_surface_is_xlib (surface=0x0) at cairo-xlib-surface.c:1402
1402        return surface->backend == &cairo_xlib_surface_backend;
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb774e440 in _cairo_surface_is_xlib (surface=0x0) at cairo-xlib-surface.c:1402
#1  0xb774d7eb in _categorize_composite_operation (dst=0x8b5fab0,
operator=CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER, src_pattern=0xbfe89d9c, have_mask=0)
    at cairo-xlib-surface.c:930
#2  0xb774da52 in _cairo_xlib_surface_composite (operator=CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER,
src_pattern=0xbfe89d9c, mask_pattern=0x0, abstract_dst=0x8b5fab0, src_x=0,
    src_y=0, mask_x=0, mask_y=0, dst_x=0, dst_y=0, width=283, height=208) at
#3  0xb7738bcc in _cairo_surface_composite (operator=CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER,
src=0xbfe89d9c, mask=0x0, dst=0x8b5fab0, src_x=0, src_y=0, mask_x=0, mask_y=0,
    dst_x=0, dst_y=0, width=283, height=208) at cairo-surface.c:712
#4  0xb772f514 in _composite_trap_region (gstate=0x8b8f4b8, src=0x8b812c8,
operator=CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER, dst=0x8b5fab0, trap_region=0x8a53ee8,
    extents=0xbfe89e54) at cairo-gstate.c:1178
#5  0xb772fc6d in _cairo_gstate_clip_and_composite_trapezoids (gstate=0x8b8f4b8,
src=0x8b812c8, operator=CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER, dst=0x8b5fab0,
    traps=0xbfe89ea0) at cairo-gstate.c:1424
#6  0xb772fdd2 in _cairo_gstate_fill (gstate=0x8b8f4b8, path=0x8b5fb48) at
#7  0xb7728af7 in *INT_cairo_fill_preserve (cr=0x8b5fb40) at cairo.c:1434
#8  0xb7728aa7 in cairo_fill (cr=0x8b5fb40) at cairo.c:1411
#9  0xb7af218b in gdk_window_clear_backing_rect (window=0x8b800e8, x=0, y=0,
width=283, height=208) at gdkwindow.c:1790
#10 0xb7af232d in IA__gdk_window_begin_paint_region (window=0x8b800e8,
region=0x8811e78) at gdkwindow.c:991
#11 0xb7c86265 in IA__gtk_main_do_event (event=0xbfe8a010) at gtkmain.c:1350
#12 0xb7af32be in gdk_window_process_updates_internal (window=0x8b800e8) at
#13 0xb7af3391 in IA__gdk_window_process_all_updates () at gdkwindow.c:2271
#14 0xb7af3412 in gdk_window_update_idle (data=0x0) at gdkwindow.c:2139
#15 0xb7956ad0 in g_idle_dispatch (source=0x8b618b8, callback=0xb7af33ed
<gdk_window_update_idle>, user_data=0x0) at gmain.
Comment 2 Carl Worth 2005-08-19 07:40:20 UTC
2005-08-19  Carl Worth  <cworth@cworth.org>

        Fix for bug #3915:

        * src/cairo-pattern.c: (_cairo_pattern_nil_for_status): Add new
        NULL_POINTER nil pattern.

        * src/cairo-pattern.c: (cairo_pattern_create_for_surface): Check
        for surface == NULL and return a nil pattern.

        * test/nil-surface.c: (draw): Verify that the above fix works.
Comment 3 Carl Worth 2005-08-22 17:14:08 UTC
Move bugs against "cvs" version to "0.9.3" so we can remove the "cvs" version.

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