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163 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
4518 xorg App/othe jeremyhu NEW --- [sessreg] Cannot login with 32-bit UID's 2011-10-02
35836 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Writer form does not save control data properties 2015-01-03
65474 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- unaligned memory access issue 2014-11-17
4874 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team NEW --- string constants in X11/StringDefs.h discard const qualifier 2011-09-27
21583 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- overeager xid reuse 2012-03-24
58601 dbus core dbus NEW --- Formal spec for launchd 2016-09-23
104947 dbus core dbus NEW --- Documentation tutorial 2018-02-06
22539 xorg App/xran keithp NEW --- xrandr weirdness: cannot find crtc 2014-01-14
51363 xorg App/xran keithp NEW --- xrandr does not report failure in exit code 2014-01-12
33467 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Mac: Default printer should be taken from the OS when printing 2014-05-22
54052 LibreOff Printing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Improvement - PDF export defaults in Options/General 2013-04-14
65749 XStandar XKB marcoz NEW --- Reformatted version of XKB Extension Lib Spec 2013-06-14
39405 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Virtual sink and source flags are not updated when moving them to different master device 2012-03-14
58389 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Improve the "set log target" functionality 2013-04-21
67545 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Daemon prints unnecessary warnings about failing to open the cookie file 2015-01-27
71823 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ucm: Unsafe assertion (configuration error crashes pulseaudio) 2013-11-20
77499 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- One should be able to modify the volume when audio is mute 2015-08-27
83146 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol occasionally resizes itself horizontally 2015-03-13
83280 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Double-starting daemon with --start -v issues non-useful report 2015-02-03
83591 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Server crashes if a client tells it to update stream rate when the stream doesn't support that 2015-02-04
84669 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Spurious creation of runtime directory by pa_context_connect() 2015-02-25
85488 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-rescue-streams chooses the target sink badly 2015-04-11
86084 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- --disable-nls and --disable-lynx are ignored 2015-01-27
86581 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- "parecord --fix-rate" doesn't take the assigned rate into account when writing a wav file 2015-03-11
88830 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add object name parsing to pa_config_parser 2015-01-27
88832 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add pa_config_parser_log_error() 2015-01-27
88953 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Don't stop parsing configuration files when errors are detected 2015-02-03
88954 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Drop unnecessary use of PA_SOEXT 2015-02-03
88955 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Validate the number of received info structs in introspect.c 2015-02-03
88956 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Not all variables in the Zsh completion are marked as local that should be 2015-02-03
88969 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Improve shell completions for pactl play-sample and remove-sample 2015-02-04
88970 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- NameOwnerChanged handlers shouldn't assume that the bus is behaving correctly 2015-02-04
89213 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- configure --enable-udev --disable-oss-output --disable-alsa outputs bogus '*** UDEV support not found' 2015-02-21
89310 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The configure summary contains unexpanded paths 2015-02-25
89537 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Make the pa_parse_address() interface less error prone 2015-03-11
89538 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_alsa_sink_new() and pa_alsa_source_new() are excessively long 2015-03-11
89541 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pacat should set the sample spec channels according to the given channel map 2015-03-19
89542 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pacat should support percentage and decibel volumes in the --volume argument 2015-03-11
89543 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pactl doesn't support setting absolute volume in decibels 2015-03-17
89545 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- There should be a warning if UCM references non-existent jack control 2015-03-11
93391 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PULSE_PROP_OVERRIDE can't be used to override stream properties 2015-12-15
45817 PulseAud modules tanuk NEW --- The dbus protocol should use hooks instead of the subscription system 2015-01-27
17219 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- Allow to set priority for available/away state 2014-04-22
21972 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Rate-limits overly strictly 2011-09-09
27963 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- XmppWriter doesn't check any libxml functions' return values 2016-07-14
29483 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Leak in tp_contact_request_contact_info_async() 2011-01-07
30104 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- display status and reason names in the logs 2011-01-07
31727 Telepath salut telepathy-bugs NEW --- use TpBaseChannel for Salut's channels (other than ContactList) 2010-11-18
31857 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- TpDebugSender should fix invalid UTF-8 strings 2013-09-12
32915 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- McpAccountStorageIface documentation is completely broken 2011-04-19
35351 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- wocky_connector_connect_finish() should return a new ref 2011-03-17
36405 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Colour codes before numbers eat the numbers 2012-10-30
39410 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make logs clear about account invalidity 2011-07-20
42595 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add "I really want this contact in my contact list" API? 2013-09-12
44891 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- extend TpMessage convenience API to cover most documented fields 2013-09-12
49300 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add helper code extracting the birthday from a TpContactInfoField 2013-09-12
49398 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- define D-Bus error names corresponding to members of Channel_Text_Send_Error 2014-01-07
59757 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- const gchar ** arguments are inferred to be utf8, not array-of-utf8 2013-01-28
70333 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Tor support 2013-11-05
71303 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- indicate the connection's level of security 2013-11-06
71304 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- prefer PFS cipher suites and TLS 1.2; optionally disable SSLv3, SSLv2 2014-05-01
4335 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Missing XRender Man Page 2011-09-26
26747 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team NEW --- X does not allow input of Unicode characters using Ctrl+Shift followed by the character code 2018-01-25
54118 Telepath ring pekka.pessi NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
32444 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- Tidy up GabblePresenceCache 2010-12-16
54113 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54115 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54116 Telepath logger telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54120 Telepath ssh-cont xclaesse NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
2997 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- XDamage Extension needs manual pages 2011-09-26
20124 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Multiple -class argument 2011-10-09
91685 apoc Template praveen ASSI --- hard fault 2015-08-19
88828 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs ASSI --- Rename pa_hashmap_remove() to pa_hashmap_steal() 2015-07-28
23895 xorg Document jesserayadkins ASSI --- VideoAdaptor section of xorg.conf man page needs love 2011-10-27
54117 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev ASSI --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2013-08-07
201 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team ASSI --- libX11 fails to build with --disable-xlocale 2015-11-17
378 xorg Document xorg-team ASSI --- man pages for XSelectInput and XMapWindow should document ordering issue 2011-10-03
25722 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team ASSI --- Error "No protocol specified" is uninformative 2018-01-09
59780 dbus core dbus REOP --- on service crash, dbus daemon sends timeout messages in wrong order 2014-09-25
19807 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-send can't send dict args 2014-09-25
38950 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-cleanup-sockets can use a lot of memory and or crash 2014-09-25
45713 dbus core dbus REOP --- could automatically detect and clean up a stale pid file, if distro init scripts don't 2014-09-25
84193 dbus core dbus REOP --- someone who understands SELinux should improve its documentation 2017-09-25
10599 dbus core dbus REOP --- maybe see whether strict aliasing would be a performance improvement 2015-04-03
35090 dbus core smcv REOP --- allow caches to be disabled for memory-constrained environments 2014-09-25
1097 xorg Driver/m ajax RESO WONT [PATCH] [Matrox/MGA] Add Pseudo-Xinerama to MergedFB for mga 2014-03-20
6466 xorg Lib/Xcur alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE xcursor-themes doesn't create animation symlinks 2013-07-06
7637 xorg Lib/Xfon jeremyhu RESO INVA missing exported symbols when built w/o freetype Tue 19:09
6227 xorg Lib/Xft keithp RESO INVA Xft should allow XftMaxFreeTypeFiles to be configurable Tue 19:09
63134 systemd general systemd-bugs RESO WORK shutdown/reboot hangs on new arch install 2014-06-25
1185 xorg App/othe xorg-team RESO NOTA X_GetImage BadMatch for x11perf -putimage10 2014-11-17
2009 xorg Lib/Xpm xorg-team RESO INVA libXpm should use zlib for compression/decompression Tue 19:09
2221 xorg App/othe xorg-team RESO WONT Feature Request: xvidtune save option. 2011-09-24
2595 xorg App/xini xorg-team RESO INVA startx arg handling is not whitespace-clean Tue 19:06
2706 xorg Server/I xorg-team RESO INVA Mouse keys won't work with repeat keys Tue 18:43
7100 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO INVA XKeysymToString causes leaks for lookups of unnamed keys in Unicode range Tue 19:07
7588 xorg Lib/Xau xorg-team RESO INVA libXau is not thread safe Tue 19:10
7794 xorg App/othe xorg-team RESO INVA oclock: better behaviour wrt date change Tue 19:10
35052 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team RESO INVA 100% CPU usage in XftCharIndex Tue 19:06
41861 xorg Driver/V ajax RESO INVA Fails to load under parallels Tue 19:07
6262 xorg Server/D dmx-bugs RESO INVA dpi goes to default on Xdmx display Tue 18:43
45664 LibreOff Spreadsh erack RESO FIXE Calc can't export the cells formulas to CSV (only the cells values) 2012-04-25
27623 dbus core hp RESO NOTA should check each read()/write() for success 2014-11-20
69332 dbus core hp RESO FIXE regression tests leak memory, file descriptors on NetBSD 2014-01-06
83968 dbus core hp RESO FIXE test suite fails on test-dbus with --enable-tests (but no assertions) 2014-09-25
7611 xorg Lib/Xmu jeremyhu RESO INVA libXmu not IPv6 clean Tue 19:09
10659 xorg App/xrdb jeremyhu RESO INVA [xrdb] fails with spaces in the -I path Tue 19:09
88831 PulseAud core kiraank RESO FIXE Remove redundant core argument from pa_module_unload() 2015-12-07
88833 PulseAud core kiraank RESO FIXE Rename functions with "tostring" in the name to one with "to_string" 2015-08-12
58868 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs RESO NOTA FORMATTING: Equation editor 2012-12-30
65552 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs RESO DUPL EDITING: libreoffice finds the same word twice when inverting the search direction 2013-06-14
71666 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs RESO FIXE Remove border from paragraph alignment icons in Tango theme 2014-03-23
66326 PulseAud tools magnus.ekhall RESO FIXE parecord: Implement recording from a single sink-input 2013-08-14
78565 PulseAud tools manish.sogi RESO FIXE Placeholders describing command line options should not have spaces 2015-07-02
88952 PulseAud modules manish.sogi RESO FIXE Remove the unused "auto_connect" parameter from module-bluez4-device 2015-09-17
10578 xorg App/othe matthieu.herrb RESO INVA [xcalc] uses wrong order of operations in infix mode Tue 19:10
39190 PulseAud tools parinporecha RESO FIXE pactl: need way to set separate left/right volume 2014-11-14
47493 PulseAud core parinporecha RESO FIXE protocol-native: XOR asserts are expressed in a roundabout way 2013-11-20
31726 Telepath ring pekka.pessi RESO FIXE use TpBaseChannel for Ring's channels 2010-12-01
46588 xorg Input/ev peter.hutterer RESO NOTO evdev segfaults when Options are enabled 2012-03-27
45030 PulseAud tools poljar RESO FIXE --help and --version command line options for pacmd 2012-05-05
46529 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE module-virtual-sink incorrectly assumes float32ne 2012-12-16
48289 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE pacmd/pactl: Allow module unloading by name 2012-06-04
51418 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs RESO INVA Implement pa_atoi64() 2012-06-25
62588 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE It should be possible to enable remixing only between mono and non-mono 2017-01-08
62908 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE "make check" doesn't pass when using a separate build directory 2013-04-24
62987 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE module-coreaudio-detect should be default on MacOSX - or merged into modules-detect 2016-05-01
63759 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE LFE remixing is spuriously on after a stream output change 2014-05-23
76529 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE Mix of translated and untranslated message 2017-05-07
83147 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE pavucontrol seems to have no ability to report its version 2015-05-25
86818 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE PA does not successfully exit on TERM 2015-05-25
88834 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE When looking for the machine-id file, /etc/machine-id should be checked regardless of sysconfdir 2015-08-12
89539 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE pa_rtpoll_quit() should not be exported in rtpoll.h 2015-05-25
89540 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs RESO DUPL The configure summary should show the bash completion directory 2015-05-25
88883 Mesa Drivers/ robclark RESO FIXE ir-a2xx.c: variable changed in assert statement 2015-02-21
105028 Icon the hicolor spruhatambe61 RESO FIXE Major colors arent displayed 2018-02-10
78563 PulseAud misc srivastava.d RESO FIXE Please remove exclamation marks from messages 2015-08-14
30594 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Haze claims that ICQ contacts support audio/video 2010-10-18
31722 Telepath rakia telepathy-bugs RESO DUPL use TpBaseChannel for telepathy-sofiasip's channels 2013-11-11
31725 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE use TpBaseChannel for Idle's channels 2012-08-01
32904 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE accounts-glib backend refers (incorrectly) throughout to ‘SSO’ 2013-11-07
34864 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO INVA Expunge lm_message_node_get_child_with_namespace() 2013-09-05
34069 Bustle General will RESO WONT Cope with DOS line endings in logs 2012-01-18
6219 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team RESO FIXE libXt: automake-system doesn't honor cross-compilation 2011-10-02
10583 xorg App/xwd xorg-team RESO INVA [xwd] -frame ignored when using -name 19:49:15
14676 xorg Lib/othe xorg-team RESO INVA DMXGetScreenAttributes is not thread safe Tue 19:10
21312 xorg App/setx xorg-team RESO DUPL setxkbmap doesn't recognise multiple keyboards 2013-07-14
21325 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team RESO INVA libXt should be able to handle button 6 and 7 event translations Tue 19:07
32223 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO INVA XKeyboardControl.bell_percent affects duration of bell ringing Tue 19:08
39383 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO INVA X server crashes when restarting KDE from Alt+F2 Tue 18:44
39614 xorg App/othe xorg-team RESO WONT xlsatoms crashes with -format %s 2016-10-26
57097 xorg App/xset xorg-team RESO NOTO screen blanking (screensaver) after 10 minutes 2012-12-18
29603 xorg App/xran aplattner RESO FIXE xrandr marks two modes as the default mode 2013-02-12
16015 dbus core dbus RESO WONT --enable-libaudit uses CAP_AUDIT_WRITE without checking for it 2015-02-19
20282 dbus core dbus RESO WONT org.freedesktop.DBus.GetConnectionUnixProcessID not wrapped in reference client implementation 2016-07-01
83899 dbus core dbus RESO FIXE test for FD_CLOEXEC seems to be unreliable on NetBSD 2014-10-25
88088 dbus core dbus RESO FIXE Incorrect assert 2015-01-06
54121 Telepath tp-farst olivier.crete RESO FIXE use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2013-09-26
27862 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs RESO DUPL Use GTest for regression tests 2014-03-20
11634 xorg App/xmod xorg-team RESO WONT xmodmap: look up modifiers using the keysyms they're bound to 2011-10-15
35448 xorg App/othe xorg-team RESO WONT Wish Xclock supporting transparency 2015-05-08
8934 dbus core hp RESO WONT Reset activated process' priority and create new process group for it 2014-09-23
31525 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs VERI FIXE remove pinstripe background from LibO dialogues 2013-06-28
163 bugs found.


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