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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7373 LTSP LTSP Cor jam NEW --- Package glibc of ltsp-src fails with lbe from cvs 2013-03-15
23511 LTSP Installe jam NEW --- RPM is failed after update failure and rebuild its db. 2009-08-25
35033 LibreOff Presenta libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Allow inline graphics, formulas in impress (and draw) 2014-10-24
10665 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- XOpenDisplay says "XDM authorization key matches an existing client!" 2014-11-28
50641 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- xorg-server-1.12.0 - When SELinux is enabled the xserver fails 2018-06-13
15946 xorg Server/G ajax NEW --- Certain incantations of XDrawLines() can cause a server crash 2014-11-29
28110 Mesa Drivers/ brian.e.paul NEW --- Mesa classic-only: glMultiDrawElements doesn't draw right 2018-04-13
99054 cairo win32 ba cairo-bugs NEW --- cairo snapshot 1.15.[2,4], win32 backend: assertion (surface->is_clear) failed 2017-01-13
56854 cairo xlib bac chris NEW --- Bug in non true color (pseudo, direct ...) support 2012-11-08
63310 cairo general chris NEW --- x11-libs/cairo-1.12.14 fails to compile using clang+lto 2013-04-12
12026 cairo general cworth NEW --- missing unlocks in src/* (font related) 2007-08-16
26244 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- Handle more than just one audio stream. 2010-12-10
26847 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- Invalid parameters can confuse fargo, requiring a fargo restart. 2010-03-22
84871 dbus core dbus NEW --- Use secure_getenv if it is available 2014-10-10
91755 dbus core dbus NEW --- [SPEC EXTENSION][PATCH] Add new "arg0has=" string array matches 2016-06-30
92899 dbus core dbus NEW --- move test coverage out of test/name-test/ so it works when cross-compiling 2016-02-12
93464 dbus core dbus NEW --- [Patch] New multi-threaded message sending test case. 2016-06-30
94494 dbus core dbus NEW --- Included configuration file "org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist" contains deprecated fields, requires user intervention on old OSX 2016-06-30
95191 dbus core dbus NEW --- Memory leak when running test-(d)bus test on Windows 2016-07-23
96577 dbus core dbus NEW --- W32: dbus does not support SSPI-based authentication mechanisms 2018-03-13
97528 dbus core dbus NEW --- DBus Manpage concerning SELinux wrong 2018-04-09
99512 dbus core dbus NEW --- Missing dbus daemon auth config test coverage 2017-02-14
99585 dbus core dbus NEW --- Add dbus verbose channels to verbose output. 2017-02-02
99751 dbus core dbus NEW --- Shut down autolaunched Windows session bus after disconnecting last client 2018-02-20
100795 dbus core dbus NEW --- Specify the drivers error code in the dbus specification 2017-05-31
101221 dbus core dbus NEW --- fdpass test fails on Solaris 2017-09-22
105330 dbus core dbus NEW --- Stop using selinux_set_mapping() function 2018-04-17
105380 dbus core dbus NEW --- Fix dbus-send not returning an error exit code in case an error occured and --print-reply is not set 2018-03-07
106183 dbus core dbus NEW --- [PATCH] Fix is_valid_section_name always returning true 2018-04-23
106339 dbus core dbus NEW --- [PATCH] bus: Mark service as requiring 2018-05-16
106987 dbus core dbus NEW --- Drop chdir("/") in dbus-launch 2018-06-25
21018 Portland xdg-util fabo NEW --- xdg-utils incorrectly parses output, causing wrong output 2013-01-27
26300 Portland xdg-util fabo NEW --- [xdg-settings] [PATCH] Should use basenames in GNOME 2010-09-24
16189 fontconf orth fontconfig-bugs NEW --- Please Add Canadian Aborignal Syllabics to Fontconfig 2012-08-18
92103 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- [G45] Segmentation fault in get_stencil_miptree 2017-01-06
17612 xorg Server/D jeremyhu NEW --- [PATCH] x86emu: add single-stepping and cleaner instruction tracing 2013-06-01
104849 xdgmime xdgmime jrb NEW --- Unquoted directory in desktop_file_to_binary of xdg-mime creates errors when filename contains forbidden characters 2018-02-15
65212 xorg Server/G keithp NEW --- call xf86SetDDCproperties() after compat_output change 2013-07-19
61998 libatasm library lennart NEW --- Fails to read status from WD raptors 2017-10-04
55142 LibreOff graphics libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Character position doesn't match caret position in justified text 2014-06-05
98163 Mesa GLX mesa-dev NEW --- [PATCH] glx: usability: *must* also log issue context ("failed to open drm device"). 2016-10-08
79030 pkg-conf src pkg-config NEW --- Option to print location of .pc file 2014-05-21
79032 pkg-conf src pkg-config NEW --- Unintuitive error message for missing .pc file 2014-05-21
3188 poppler general poppler-bugs NEW --- Pasting tables cells in strange order 2016-02-20
4006 poppler general poppler-bugs NEW --- selection expands in unexpected ways 2015-06-24
50401 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs NEW --- xdg-open does not mount shares before opening them 2012-05-27
92721 dbus core ralf.habacker NEW --- bus-test and dbus-test failure on cross compile for windows 2017-11-15
45568 Ytstenut tp-ytste robert.staudinger NEW --- The server-file-transfer example is not very exemplary 2012-02-03
19808 OHM General rob.taylor NEW --- [patch] ohmd/ohm-plugin.c: fix an off-by-one 2009-01-29
102155 shared-m freedesk shared_mime_info NEW --- SQL files should have a generic text icon 2017-08-11
105838 shared-m freedesk shared_mime_info NEW --- [PATCH] JavaScript (and HTML) files containing "use strict" are misdetected as Perl files 2018-04-01
26633 Wocky General sjoerd NEW --- Add option for user-defined TLS verification function. 2012-04-10
19723 dbus python smcv NEW --- Patch to expose Marshal and Demarshal in the Python API 2011-05-17
49433 dbus python smcv NEW --- [PATCH] Add support for Python-based main loops 2012-06-28
83893 dbus GLib smcv NEW --- when demarshalling an object method call fails, the error is weird 2014-09-25
16891 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- Telepathy should support OTR encryption 2017-03-10
19178 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- purple network callbacks don't work properly on Windows 2013-09-17
24901 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- voicemail interface usable with at least GSM and Skype 2011-12-07
25033 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- [1.0] Consider renaming 'account' parameter to 'username' 2013-08-28
25157 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- ICQ nicknames get clobbered by Empathy setting the UIN as the Alias. 2011-04-24
26642 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add proper debug flag support 2010-02-22
26685 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Wocky 'xtls' branch 2014-02-06
27544 Telepath butterfl telepathy-bugs NEW --- Disconnecting during a channel creation doesn't unregister the path of channel 2010-06-09
28741 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- Define message-subject, -validity, -to, -cc, -bcc 2010-06-24
29021 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make ConnectAutomatically default to True 2013-10-14
30331 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Wocky support for S5B through IOStream 2010-09-22
31447 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- port wocky to gio TLS 2016-02-21
32179 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Implement a reader for 2011-02-16
32445 Telepath butterfl telepathy-bugs NEW --- Implement SASL for passwords 2010-12-16
33589 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- Channel-specific nicknames 2014-01-07
34918 Telepath butterfl telepathy-bugs NEW --- Message.MessageTypes should be in the immutable properties 2011-03-02
35736 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- make tp_base_connection_change_status debug prettier 2011-07-25
36162 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make the pkgconfig dependency on glib/gobject public (Requires instead of Requires.private) 2012-02-22
36342 Telepath tp-doc telepathy-bugs NEW --- Better error handling in get_user_defined_groups (and build fix) 2011-04-18
37076 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Omits part of the room member list on #telepathy 2013-09-05
37100 Telepath butterfl telepathy-bugs NEW --- telepathy-butterfly crashed with ValueError in Received(): You can't receive the same message twice. 2011-11-10
37381 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- appears to have a race 2013-09-11
37803 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Debug output should include user-readable enum names 2012-03-30
38036 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- TpConnection: add Location support 2011-06-08
38366 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Should fallback to Offline instead of Busy if Invisible is not supported 2012-02-01
40008 Telepath tp-qt telepathy-bugs NEW --- Detect telepathy-glib in right directory 2016-10-09
43597 Telepath tp-qt telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add high-level API for Chan.I.FileTransfer.Metadata interface 2013-01-16
44348 Telepath tp-qt telepathy-bugs NEW --- Debugging stream output for Tp::{Contact,ConnectionCapabilities} 2011-12-31
51527 Telepath salut telepathy-bugs NEW --- Messages from iChat are silently ignored 2012-11-16
52482 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Allow replacing running CMs 2012-07-26
52531 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make possible to "upgrade" all proxies/contacts at once 2012-07-30
54198 Telepath logger telepathy-bugs NEW --- Logger should read logs from superseded accounts as well 2012-08-30
55394 Telepath logger telepathy-bugs NEW --- Three test cases #include the .c file they're testing! 2012-10-04
55920 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Backport Avatars1 to master 2013-10-01
59921 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Use g_timeout_add_seconds to reduce wakeups 2013-01-28
62378 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Offline contact caching 2013-12-02
63070 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make WockyDataForm API nicer, and use GVariant rather than GValue 2013-04-03
65657 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Jingle: wait for session-initiate ack, then send candidates 2013-06-27
79592 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add GIR support 2014-06-06
89253 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- telepathy-gabble ignores some messages 2015-02-21
92115 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Mission Control: add systemd service 2016-12-05
89234 dbus core thiago NEW --- Missing support for passing file descriptors with "d-tube" 2015-05-13
24107 Telepath tp-glib tomeu NEW --- support Statuses on TpConnection 2010-09-13
27107 Telepath tp-spec tomeu NEW --- activity/application presence 2010-09-23
30963 Telepath tp-spec vivek NEW --- A way for Handlers to match channels based on their Accounts 2012-09-12
30964 Telepath mission- vivek NEW --- Account Filters - MC implementation 2012-09-12
28742 Telepath tp-spec will NEW --- Import Connection.Interface.StoredMessages from rtcom-tp-glib 2013-10-23
29655 XCB Library xcb NEW --- Expand on API docs 2012-01-11
29743 XCB Protocol xcb NEW --- dynamic protocol bindings 2011-12-27
10052 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- xorg-server: Xorg won't allow to have more than one isolateDevice 2010-03-27
15858 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Equis - DDX for Plan 9 from Bell Labs 2010-11-30
20762 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- [PATCH] rotated screen updated incorrectly 2009-03-20
45500 xorg Server/E xorg-team NEW --- composite/xrender bug with Xft and FLTK 2016-11-07
47510 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Xephyr leaks shared memory segments 2018-06-13
63307 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- build error in backtrace.c on Solaris 10 2013-06-01
73089 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- pseudoramix not conditional on xinerama support 2018-06-13
86665 xorg Server/E xorg-team NEW --- Xorg does not close old /dev/dri/card0 connections 2018-06-13
90771 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Server crash when pluging screen to DP port 2018-06-13
91636 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Crashes with non-pci graphcis on a pci support device 2015-08-14
92351 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- FTBFS on m68k 2016-02-17
93585 xorg App/luit xorg-team NEW --- luit. Lost <alt>+key combinations 2018-06-17
93779 xorg Driver/m xorg-team NEW --- Fix null pointer in FreeRec() 2016-01-19
50145 PolicyKi daemon zeuthen NEW --- [PATCH] polkit-0.115 fails to build on POSIX platforms (like Linux/musl) due to requiring netgroup support 2018-07-11
26204 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- should ideally check that incoming stanzas are addressed to us 2010-03-22
85106 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus-daemon-launch-helper: log to syslog on failure 2014-10-16
105521 dbus core dbus NEW --- Do CI builds on MSVC using Appveyor or similar 2018-03-19
101723 DRI DRM/Rade dri-devel NEW --- hdmi unplug not changing connector status 2017-07-10
101040 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs NEW --- Add "google-chrome-unstable" and "google-chrome-beta" to fallback browsers 2017-05-14
88479 xkeyboar General xkb NEW --- I added a Dvorak-style Albanian language keyboard variant 2015-04-10
19427 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Add information about Option NoDDC/NoDDC1/NoDDC2 to man page 2018-07-30
17696 hal build zeuthen NEW --- [patch] always use sys/inotify.h 2008-09-21
25113 xorg Server/G arvind.umrao ASSI --- XCopyArea() does not work in Xinerama 2018-07-30
65290 Telepath gabble smcv ASSI --- tests will fail with Automake 1.13 2013-12-27
31200 Telepath tp-qt andrunko ASSI --- Windows portability patches for telepathy-qt4 2010-11-05
92831 dbus core dbus ASSI --- avc_init() function is deprecated 2018-05-30
54287 Telepath gabble drf54321 ASSI --- Implement Stream Tubes over ICE-UDP 2012-11-16
21957 Telepath idle jonathon ASSI --- Doesn't implement SimplePresence 2012-04-28
30461 Telepath gabble jonny.lamb ASSI --- Review Conn.I.Resources 2010-11-17
30664 Wocky General nicolas ASSI --- Wocky support for IBB through IOStream 2010-10-06
30682 Wocky General nicolas ASSI --- Support for SI File transfer 2016-02-21
104973 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs ASSI --- xdg-open can't handle URI schemes containing numbers 2018-05-09
98509 Portland xdg-util rdieter ASSI --- Patches from Ubuntu for xdg-{email,screensaver} 2017-03-01
14540 Telepath tp-spec smcv ASSI --- Names interface - Aliasing replacement with separate nickname, local alias etc. 2014-02-13
22156 dbus GLib smcv ASSI --- dbus-glib returns UnknownMethod on GetAll if no properties 2014-09-25
31029 Telepath tp-glib smcv ASSI --- convenience function to listen on an arbitrary Unix socket 2010-12-14
32299 Telepath tp-spec smcv ASSI --- allow out-of-tree builds, perhaps by using Autoconf 2012-01-30
46442 Telepath tp-spec smcv ASSI --- Call1.I.Mute not considered stable 2013-11-04
46443 Telepath tp-spec smcv ASSI --- [next] Remove obsolete parts of Chan.I.DTMF1 2013-11-04
64520 Telepath tp-spec smcv ASSI --- add Contact_Info_Field_Flag_Read_Only, for GTalk <URL> 2014-01-07
68610 dbus core smcv ASSI --- various thread-safety issues involving static variables 2014-09-25
69176 Telepath mission- smcv ASSI --- break plugin API 2013-09-26
83499 dbus core smcv ASSI --- document the assumption that makes our use of credentials-passing secure 2018-06-04
85108 dbus core smcv ASSI --- dbus-daemon: syslog when we disconnect a peer 2014-10-16
105656 dbus core smcv ASSI --- Containers message filtering/policy (#101902): basic, strict policy 2018-07-11
41037 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs ASSI --- High level API for SASLAuthentication 2012-10-01
31660 Telepath tp-spec will ASSI --- Undraft MergeableConference and Splittable 2010-12-07
6309 xorg Driver/R henry.zhao ASSI --- radeon/r128 fails to read hsync/vsync rates when range descriptor is missing 2013-03-15
54117 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev ASSI --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2013-08-07
61448 Wocky General smcv ASSI --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi, case/esac 2013-02-25
42422 cairo image ba cworth REOP --- When I use clip with mixed AA option cairo_fill() works incorrectly 2016-06-05
6560 LTSP local de jam REOP --- [patch] ltspfs mount points fail on NFS 2008-01-11
27857 dbus core christian REOP --- Implement "maybe", nullable container type 2014-09-25
35311 dbus core dbus REOP --- sysdeps-win: abuse of sprintf into fixed-size buffers 2014-09-25
35887 dbus core dbus REOP --- use runtime dirs for ~/.dbus autolaunch crap 2018-06-22
39611 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] warn if people use at_console 2017-09-22
40409 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] Natively read systemd unit directories to find actvitable services 2014-09-25
43557 dbus core dbus REOP --- Feature request: support for file descriptors in dbus-send 2014-09-25
65134 dbus core dbus REOP --- Callback for dbus_connection_send_with_reply never is called if service answers incorrectly 2014-09-25
72251 dbus core dbus REOP --- bus-test dispatch test fail on FreeBSD 9.1 2014-09-25
73636 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus install location issue 2018-03-12
83539 dbus core dbus REOP --- Correct Win32 runtime with D-Bus 1.8.0 2015-10-26
83938 dbus core dbus REOP --- CVE-2014-3638 follow-up: improve data structures for pending replies 2014-09-25
26085 Portland xdg-util fabo REOP --- xdg-screensaver resume activates the screensaver on KDE4 2015-08-09
10301 cairo freetype freedesktop REOP --- LCD filtering patch 2016-01-08
39720 dbus core smcv REOP --- Clumsy semantics when connecting to session bus owned by another user 2014-09-25
54972 dbus core smcv REOP --- Please make libdbus thread-safe by default 2014-10-29
29905 xorg Server/G xorg-team REOP --- acceleration for mouse wheel 2017-06-27
18013 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus autolaunch fails on OS X 10.5 because of '/' characters in $DISPLAY 2014-09-25
23679 dbus core dbus REOP --- Set DBUS UUID from Linux random boot ID 2014-09-25
33234 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] Allow to setup connect timeout for TCP transport 2014-09-25
38784 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add standard DBus interface for managing the lifetime of objects based on shared ownership 2016-10-01
42441 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-daemon print unavailable options on help request 2014-09-25
47581 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add Smack LSM support to DBus daemon 2016-05-16
50418 dbus core dbus REOP --- configuration: add <listen_if_possible> option 2014-09-25
66114 dbus core dbus REOP --- change spec so unknown match rule keys are ignored 2014-09-25
66576 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] two small fixes for dbus hash: remove dead code, fix comments and remove redundant AND operation 2014-09-25
66728 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] launch-helper: fix error code parsing 2014-09-25
81469 dbus core dbus REOP --- add new limit: max_connections_per_systemd_unit 2017-03-24
82346 dbus core dbus REOP --- add new limit: max_connections_per_process 2017-03-24
14937 DRI DRM/othe dri-devel RESO FIXE Intel i915 hard lockup when using vsync-synchronized swapping 2008-04-23
19574 xorg Server/G keithp RESO FIXE Pressing a multimedia key will cause the X Server to crash 2009-02-25
5555 xorg Input/ai kem RESO FIXE Aiptek xinput driver fails to apply button events properly or pass events until patched. 2008-01-09
102425 xkeyboar General RESO FIXE Old-Hungarian layout patch 2017-10-04
17423 xorg App/comp kristian RESO WORK windows showing in incorrect positions but responding as if they were correctly positioned 2011-09-25
88609 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer RESO FIXE trackpoint button mappings incorrect for Lenovo ThinkPad 2015 models 2015-04-13
26283 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE doesn't detect CM crashes and doesn't deal well with disconnection 2010-02-02
60916 dbus GLib smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2013-0292: authentication bypass due to insufficient checks in dbus-glib < 0.100.1 2013-02-18
86431 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE Regression: reducing auth_timeout to 5000 for CVE-2014-3639 causes slow or failed startup 2014-11-24
21996 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Crashes if you poke Hold or CallStates before RequestStreams 2009-06-10
22588 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Channel property and capability flag for immutable streams 2009-09-14
1478 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team RESO FIXE Selection.c damages user error handler function 2010-09-23
7367 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE DRAC4 video (ATI Radeon VE/7000) graphics not working 2006-07-11
9356 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO WONT poor colormap management 2010-03-26
14730 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE xorg/xserver - _X_EXPORT related patches, ensuring symbols used by modules are visible and fixing some missing symbols 2008-11-28
29969 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE X server losing keyboard events 2010-09-17
59825 xorg Server/E xorg-team RESO FIXE SIGSEGV: uninitialized variable "framebuffer" inside __glXDRIscreenProbe 2013-07-10
1097 xorg Driver/m ajax RESO WONT [PATCH] [Matrox/MGA] Add Pseudo-Xinerama to MergedFB for mga 2014-03-20
1542 xorg Input/Ke ajax RESO FIXE Characters losing their shiftedness when input rapidly 2011-10-17
2773 xorg Driver/o ajax RESO FIXE [PATCH] Linux/sparc64 (64bit userland) fixes for xorg-x11 2008-07-11
4495 xorg Input/pe ajax RESO FIXE [PATCH] add DMC9000 support to penmount driver 2006-06-03
5218 xorg Server/G ajax RESO FIXE segfault on startup using serial line IP 2006-05-22
5386 xorg Server/G ajax RESO FIXE EDID mode injection 2009-06-12
5493 xorg Driver/R ajax RESO WONT Smarter clone mode for radeon(4) 2008-12-02
6750 xorg Server/D ajax RESO FIXE Intel PCI bridges are subtractive but don't report it... 2006-04-28
6751 xorg Server/D ajax RESO FIXE linux ROM reading is broken badly by X. 2006-06-10
6827 xorg * Other ajax RESO FIXE [patch] crash in fb 2006-05-18
4982 xorg Lib/xtra alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE [PATCH] please use offsetof for manipulating struct sockaddr_un 2006-08-24
6782 xorg * Other alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE [PATCH] Fix *_MAN_* macros to support GNU/Hurd 2006-07-13
7318 xorg App/xdm alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE xdm crashes on Hurd because of incongruity in dlfuncs, etc. 2006-06-26
7332 xorg Server/G alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE IPv6 problem: xdm rejects all chooser connections 2006-06-26
25209 xorg Lib/Xlib alan.coopersmith RESO FIXE xterm(1) doesn't allow pasting more than 1024 bytes 2011-10-21
3304 xorg Driver/T alanh RESO WONT [PATCH] - trident cyberblade FIFO status check 2010-12-04
7102 xorg Driver/i alanh RESO INVA [PATCH] Non-dri builds of i810 driver are broken 2006-06-08
9664 xorg Driver/i alanh RESO FIXE patch to control mergedfb options (swap screen, nonrect, mouse restrictions) 2007-01-15
7328 xorg Driver/s alexdeucher RESO FIXE Add dualhead support to siliconmotion for lynx chips 2007-02-27
8811 xorg Driver/r alexdeucher RESO WONT TV-in for All in Wonder 128 2010-09-11
25051 Telepath tp-glib alsuren RESO FIXE invalid unclassed pointer in cast to `TpAccountManager in _tp_account_manager_account_presence_changed_cb 2009-11-23
42524 Ytstenut tp-ytste alvaro.soliverez RESO FIXE Support for building on Android 2012-02-22
42530 Ytstenut plugins alvaro.soliverez RESO FIXE Support for building on Android 2012-02-28
43880 Ytstenut tp-ytste alvaro.soliverez RESO FIXE --enable-gtk-doc makes tp-ytstenut build fail 2012-02-16
20831 Telepath gabble andrunko RESO FIXE ContactInfo: implement and undraft 2010-04-14
27670 Telepath tp-qt andrunko RESO FIXE Update to spec 0.19.5 (Observer.Recover, ContactInfo) 2010-04-16
43223 Telepath tp-qt andrunko RESO FIXE Resolve API/ABI break TODO issues before 0.9.0 (qt4/qt5) release 2011-12-06
43239 Telepath tp-qt andrunko RESO FIXE Tp::SharedPtr tries to be thread-safe, but secretly isn't 2011-12-06
4565 Xtests XTS aplattner RESO FIXE all TOO_LONG tests fail if the X server can support BIG-REQUEST extension 2010-09-12
6845 xorg Driver/n aplattner RESO INVA Regression from 6.8.2 when only TV output is in use [PATCH] 2010-11-15
2607 xorg Lib/Xlib bernie RESO WONT -fvisibility=hidden patch for libX11 2011-10-04
9409 xorg Driver/S chechun_kuo RESO INVA adding path for 662 chipset 2018-06-12
8185 xorg Fonts/BD cloos RESO FIXE fonts configure scripts do not honour PKG_CONFIG variable 2008-10-25
4945 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE Cairo doesn't support 8-bit pseudocolor visuals 2017-07-14
5306 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE pdf2png won't build 2006-06-14
5773 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE Please export cairo meta surface 2008-10-08
5816 cairo png func cworth RESO FIXE Image surfaces do not start out blank by default 2006-04-14
7294 cairo xlib bac cworth RESO FIXE cairo doesn't work with a BGR X server visual (assertion failure: "Cairo does not yet support the requested image format") 2006-09-18
7823 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE only use supported warning flags 2006-08-12
8801 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE text rendering lacking locking in multithreaded apps [PATCH] 2007-02-14
971 xorg Server/I daniel RESO FIXE Input device hotplug 2006-11-01
4461 xorg Build/Mo daniel RESO FIXE [PATCH] make XKB data location consistent, and add configure options 2014-11-11
5107 xorg Lib/Xlib daniel RESO FIXE en_US.UTF-8 contains combining_* 2011-10-04
5575 xorg Lib/Xlib daniel RESO FIXE Serbian locale update from sr_YU to sr_CS 2006-06-01
6215 xorg Lib/othe daniel RESO FIXE [PATCH] libX11: make it compile with --disable-xkb 2006-06-01
7097 xorg Server/G daniel RESO FIXE Zoom Hotkeys Are Nonfunctional With Xorg-7.1 2006-08-31
8583 xorg Server/I daniel RESO FIXE patch for mouse speed and acceleration issues 2008-07-20
7278 hal build danny.kukawka RESO FIXE [PATCH] broken acpi options 2006-09-01
7749 hal misc danny.kukawka RESO FIXE FDI file for some noname USB card reader 2006-08-31
3543 xorg App/xter dickey RESO FIXE small typo in xterm man page 2006-05-31
5413 DRI DRM/othe dri-devel RESO FIXE Radeon DRM appears capable of driving 5B62; X600 Pro 2006-07-29
5714 DRI General dri-devel RESO FIXE Front buffer removal from libdri 2010-01-26
6727 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel RESO FIXE Implement Extended Swizzle (OPCODE_SWZ) for vertex programs 2009-08-24
7260 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel RESO FIXE mach64 texture memory mng cleanup 2009-08-24
15382 DRI DRM/othe dri-devel RESO FIXE Patches for dri2 linux-core 2008-04-08
26994 DRI libdrm dri-devel RESO FIXE xf86-video-openchrome does not build against >=libdrm-2.4.17 2010-05-12
7235 liboil unknown ds RESO FIXE AMD64 processors don't have cpuid checked 2007-01-01
9616 liboil unknown ds RESO WORK [PATCH] Fix buggy MMX check for non-SSE AMD cpus 2010-03-28
1573 xorg Lib/Xlib eich RESO FIXE gb18030 support 2008-11-22
2381 xorg Input/hy eich RESO INVA Hyperpen input driver improvements 2018-06-12
3247 xorg Driver/V eich RESO DUPL Setting the DAC mode when depth >8 produces problems with some BIOSes 2006-06-03
5314 cairo svg back emmanuel.pacaud RESO FIXE svg-print backend 2006-11-18
5544 cairo svg back emmanuel.pacaud RESO FIXE svg2png doesn't build 2006-01-19
5753 cairo svg back emmanuel.pacaud RESO FIXE _cairo_svg_document_finish shouldn't dump doc to memory 2006-03-15
6772 xorg Server/A eric RESO FIXE EXA shouldn't support SHM pixmaps 2008-06-23
7378 xorg Driver/i eric RESO FIXE Cursor issues in Clone mode 2007-02-26
17268 Portland xdg-util fabo RESO FIXE [PATCH] xdg-email fails with KDE4 2009-08-10
6623 xorg Driver/m fufutos610 RESO FIXE Fix I2C bus Mach64 initialisation failure 2006-04-22
6829 xorg Driver/m fufutos610 RESO INVA [mach64] driver needs to enable PCI bus after S3 suspend 2018-06-12
16418 xorg Driver/i gordon.jin RESO INVA [Backlight] asus laptops patch for intel video 2008-07-15
21332 Telepath tp-glib guillaume.desmottes RESO FIXE TpContact should have a capabilities feature and property 2010-04-23
23685 Telepath gabble guillaume.desmottes RESO FIXE [asyncns] Gabble fails to build with pedantic gcc 2009-10-14
25236 Telepath tp-glib guillaume.desmottes RESO FIXE TpBaseClient - initially, Client and Observer support 2010-04-29
89251 libva core haihao.xiang RESO NOTO [gst-vaapi-master] fatal error "Status Unknown" decoding h264 content at gstvaapidecoder_h264.c:decode_current_picture 2015-02-25
5892 xorg Server/G henry.zhao RESO FIXE Improvement of auto-config by using more EDID data in mode validation process 2007-02-27
5823 dbus core hp RESO FIXE dbus_signature_iter_recurse fails for nested arrays 2006-08-01
7969 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Empty struct '()' not supported 2010-10-05
7998 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Generalize kqueue support 2006-08-25
8037 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Improve debugging messages in exchange_credentials 2006-10-13
8041 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Add LOCAL_CREDS socket credentials support 2006-09-13
8129 dbus core hp RESO FIXE [patch] 0.92: add checks to public API 2006-09-05
8132 dbus core hp RESO FIXE 0.92 (and older): dbus_bus_remove_match() does not work in a filter callback 2006-09-11
8171 dbus core hp RESO FIXE Plug file descriptor leak + handle EINTR in close()s 2006-09-13
8365 dbus core hp RESO FIXE [patch] clarify function semantics 2006-11-16
8376 dbus core hp RESO FIXE dbus_shutdown() called but connections were still live 2011-04-07
11665 dbus core hp RESO FIXE spawn test hangs forever on AIX 2008-01-15
25022 dbus core hp RESO NOTO enhancement of dbus-c++ adding set_timeout, and others 2011-01-05
4249 xorg Driver/m idr RESO FIXE [PATCH] minclock guess probably too low 2007-07-30
22946 Mesa Drivers/ idr RESO FIXE [GM965] X segfaults in intel_renderbuffer when closing googleearth 2009-09-17
17010 xorg Lib/Xlib jamey RESO INVA Bad error handling in Multi-threaded environment 2018-06-12
1607 xorg Input/Ke jay.cotton RESO WONT Xorg keyboard configuration is difficult. 2006-06-03
24383 xorg Driver/i jbarnes RESO FIXE [KMS] Black screen when xserver is reset (KDE logout) 2009-10-13
7415 xorg Lib/Xlib jcristau RESO MOVE Update locale support for what glibc 2.3.2 supports Fri 20:11
15887 xorg Lib/Xlib jcristau RESO FIXE libX11 has no "true" ru_RU.UTF-8 locale 2009-10-17
1013 xorg Lib/Xlib jeremyhu RESO FIXE Certain compose sequences only work with capitals 2011-09-26
7474 xorg Lib/Xmu jeremyhu RESO INVA XmuClientWindow chooses the wrong window 2018-06-12
9522 xorg App/othe jeremyhu RESO FIXE Markup problems on the xtrap.1x page 2013-07-13
5541 tango default jimmac RESO FIXE No icon for connected smb server in Nautilus 2006-01-19
6506 tango default jimmac RESO FIXE missing zoom* alias in icon-naming-utils 2006-04-11
13305 dbus core johnp RESO FIXE off-by-one error in _dbus_message_iter_get_args_valist() 2013-10-08
45410 Telepath tp-spec jonny.lamb RESO FIXE Telepathy 1.0: start the 'next' branch 2012-04-06
6743 shared-m freedesk jrb RESO FIXE fix for C-like source code MIME types 2006-05-14
1191 xorg Server/D keithp RESO INVA Fixes for Kdrive composite exposures 2018-06-11
2715 xorg Lib/Xft keithp RESO INVA libxft is calculatint wrong width of CJK fonts 2018-06-12
3603 xorg Lib/Xcur keithp RESO FIXE [BROKEN BUG] XcursorScanTheme does not handle circular icon theme inheritence. 2018-05-13
3922 xorg Build/Mo keithp RESO FIXE freetype module crashes Xserver with latest libfreetype2 2011-10-15
5211 avahi avahi-da lathiat RESO FIXE patch to fix .pc files on bi-arch platforms 2006-01-22
44092 LibreOff Database libreoffice-bugs RESO FIXE Requesting a base ADO connection, the first record is ignored 2012-02-03
21322 xorg Driver/i RESO FIXE [G43 DVI] Can't open DVI display 2009-07-29
40701 LibreOff Database lionel RESO FIXE Base crashes with runtime error when "Find Record" button is clicked with certain documents 2011-12-23
3151 xorg Fonts/BD Markus.Kuhn RESO FIXE [PATCH] Variations of 'a' more consistent with base glyph in 7x14 2008-04-19
3104 xorg Lib/Xlib mat RESO FIXE Compose table cache for faster X11 application starts 2009-01-28
4320 xorg Driver/R mat RESO FIXE Over from xrgb8888 pictures not fast-pathed in XAA 2010-03-19
7832 xorg Lib/Xfon mattst88 RESO MOVE Font lookup by fontfile is slow on certain patterns. Fri 20:16
4676 GTK-Qt E GTK-Qt me RESO FIXE build fails w/gcc-2.9x 2006-02-02
6779 GTK-Qt E GTK-Qt me RESO FIXE Using gtk-qt-engine crashes python application if using pydcop 2006-06-16
5864 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev RESO FIXE NV vertex program parser doesn't set program->NumInstructions 2009-08-24
6656 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev RESO FIXE arbvptest3 segfaults because of bad index to tnl->vtx.tabfv 2009-08-24
6658 Mesa GLU mesa-dev RESO FIXE double-free in libtess dictDeleteDict() 2009-08-24
6673 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev RESO FIXE nvvertparse doesn't parse swizzle suffix correctly 2009-08-24
6730 Mesa Other mesa-dev RESO FIXE progs/vp-tris.c cleanup 2009-08-24
8074 Mesa Other mesa-dev RESO FIXE Please provide a way to build without DRI nor DRM 2006-09-09
11808 Mesa GLU mesa-dev RESO FIXE Mem leak/double free fix for glu/sgi/libnurbs/interface/ 2007-08-02
42610 Mesa Other mesa-dev RESO FIXE [PATCH] gallivm: build failure due to llvm-trunk api change. 2011-11-06
5209 xorg Build/Mo michel RESO FIXE No APM or ACPI support in modular tree 2006-05-15
5916 xorg Driver/R michel RESO FIXE Minimal fix for side effects of disabling bus mastering in RADEONSetFBLocation 2007-11-12
6755 xorg Driver/R michel RESO FIXE Radeon accelerated UploadToScreen broken 2006-06-13
7274 xorg Driver/R michel RESO FIXE Radeon AccelDFS cause screen corruption 2006-06-24
26384 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev RESO FIXE Missing DBus properties on Media.StreamHandler 2010-02-16
26889 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev RESO FIXE Segfault when TPORT_LOG=1 in 0.6.1 (using libsofia*_1.12.10-4 on debian) 2010-03-17
27358 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev RESO FIXE tp-ssip 0.6.2 fails to build with --disable-debug 2010-04-12
33716 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev RESO FIXE telepathy-sofiasip crashes when receiving a call from user's own URI 2011-02-01
5927 cairomm General murrayc RESO FIXE Add .cvsignore files to the examples subdirectories 2006-02-17
5928 cairomm General murrayc RESO FIXE Remove libxml++ references from various places 2006-02-17
5929 cairomm Build murrayc RESO FIXE Files not cleaned when configured with --disable-docs 2006-02-17
5932 cairomm Document murrayc RESO FIXE Write some basic information to examples/README 2006-02-22
5933 cairomm General murrayc RESO FIXE Update FSF copyright address in the source files 2006-02-20
5934 cairomm General murrayc RESO FIXE Sources use Library GPL, COPYING is from Lesser GPL 2006-02-20
5982 cairomm Build murrayc RESO FIXE MAINTAINERS file not included in releases 2006-02-20
6080 cairomm Build murrayc RESO FIXE allow overriding automake version in 2006-03-12
6424 cairomm Build murrayc RESO FIXE fails to build against stable cairo 1.0.4 2006-03-29
7920 cairomm Build murrayc RESO INVA PATCH: cairomm-1.1.10 fails to build complete documentation 2006-08-19
6456 cairo win32 ba otaylor RESO FIXE WINVER must be defined before including <windows.h> 2007-01-23
38331 xorg Lib/Xi peter.hutterer RESO WONT libxi causes segfault on mips64 abi n32 2016-11-28
6984 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE pdfimages: not working 2006-05-22
7335 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Configure status message wrong 2006-08-03
7336 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE pdfinfo stdin support 2006-08-04
7337 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE pdffonts stdin support 2006-08-14
7298 Portland xdg-util portland RESO FIXE $(DESTDIR) support missing 2006-06-28
6615 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs RESO FIXE xdg-email could support MAILER environment variable 2015-09-23
60329 Portland xdg-util portland-bugs RESO FIXE 'xdg-mime query default' return multiple .desktop entries. 2015-02-24
7099 xorg App/comp reveman RESO FIXE compiz switcher thumbs only update above damage 2006-06-06
7242 xorg Server/A reveman RESO FIXE xgl-compile with mesa-cvs fails 2007-03-12
8509 xorg App/comp reveman RESO FIXE Middle-click and Right-click on maximise should do horizontal and vertical maximisation 2008-03-01
8131 dbus GLib robert RESO DUPL [patch] 0.71: allow compiling with -Wshadow 2006-10-25
45855 Ytstenut ytstenut robert.staudinger RESO NOTO Fix librest package detection in android build 2012-02-14
4637 dbus GLib rob.taylor RESO FIXE DBusGProxy breaks if name is NULL 2011-06-16
5688 dbus GLib rob.taylor RESO FIXE [fixed in git] finalised DBusGConnection does not weak unref object 2009-07-20
8235 dbus GLib rob.taylor RESO FIXE fix possible crashes + memory leak in dbus-gproxy.c 2007-02-08
12899 hal hald rob.taylor RESO FIXE hald improperly deals with temporary cryptsetup device 2008-03-04
609 xprint Fonts: O roland.mainz RESO WONT print job gets flushed from buffer on SPARCprinterE 2011-09-13
967 xprint Server: roland.mainz RESO WONT Temporary file vulnerabilities in spool directory support 2011-09-13
1038 xprint Tools: O roland.mainz RESO WONT xdpyinfo should list all ISO DPA 10175 "attribute objects" 2011-09-13
2563 xprint Server: roland.mainz RESO WONT [PATCH] Xprint overuses strlen; various fixes 2011-09-13
44331 Telepath gabble siraj RESO FIXE Gabble plugin API fails at runtime on Windows 2012-02-17
44649 Telepath gabble siraj RESO FIXE Gabble plugin API symbols should be factored out to a separate library 2012-02-17
46245 Telepath gabble siraj RESO FIXE New Gabble plugin API has redundant Connection parameters 2012-02-20
8284 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE "buffer size for readdir_r cannot be determined" error (using sun studio compiler) 2011-01-25
16170 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE TpIntSet should cope with larger integers 2010-05-21
16338 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE sending non-UTF-8 strings is not diagnosed as a programming error 2011-03-10
20165 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE [fixed] tp_base_connection_manager_register has a potential use-after-free 2009-03-17
21097 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE proxy subclasses should support optional features 2010-04-12
21787 Telepath tp-spec smcv RESO FIXE Connection.Interface.ContactLists 2010-09-28
23194 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE Malformed use of poll(2) in the dbus-daemon 2011-06-13
23651 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Preferred handler doesn't get the channel if too new; no way to handle *only* the request 2009-11-26
23687 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Doesn't deal correctly with all BypassApproval handlers exiting 2009-11-02
23807 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE build failure: mc-account-convert.1 missing in 5.2.2 tarball 2009-09-10
24120 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Refactor the McdDispatcher 2009-11-02
24474 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE [fixed 5.2, pending 5.3] Observers not invoked for channels requested "behind MC's back" 2009-11-02
24569 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Reduce duplication when calling HandleChannels 2009-11-02
25316 Telepath tp-spec smcv RESO FIXE ContactCapabilities: explicitly specify that TargetHandleType should be fixed 2009-11-30
25416 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE Port the 'callable' example CM to Call.DRAFT 2010-02-22
26211 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE Generate constants for namespaced contact attributes 2010-04-30
26219 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE cope with unavailable directed presences 2010-02-02
26270 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE sends session-accept before the Tp user has responded 2010-02-18
26277 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE write stress-test client 2010-02-01
26278 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE regression test for calls from XMPP 2010-02-01
26378 Telepath fargo smcv RESO FIXE assertion failure in SetRemoteCandidateList: _transport_element is None 2010-02-02
27309 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE respect the Observer.Recover flag 2010-04-19
27513 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE implement spec 0.19.2 2010-04-07
27630 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Start a 5.4 stable branch 2010-04-19
27631 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE Tests fail in master due to use of stale files in ~/.cache 2010-04-14
27674 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE Update to spec 0.19.5 (Observer.Recover, ContactInfo) 2010-04-16
27675 Telepath gabble smcv RESO FIXE Undraft ContactInfo 2010-04-16
27967 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE telepathy-glib master fails check/distcheck since enums branch was merged 2010-05-04
28557 Telepath mission- smcv RESO FIXE escaped characters in accounts.cfg are dealt with incorrectly / accounts.cfg becomes very large 2010-06-16
29461 Telepath tp-glib smcv RESO FIXE update to spec 0.19.11 2010-08-10
30171 dbus GLib smcv RESO FIXE dbus-glib can call g_error("Out of memory") on unrelated programming errors 2011-04-13
30538 Telepath rakia smcv RESO FIXE tp-sofiasip: implement a Protocol object 2010-11-23
31874 Telepath gabble smcv RESO FIXE implement Chan.T.ServerAuthentication, Chan.I.SASLAuthentication in Gabble 2010-11-30
33126 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE adding correct malloc/free cycles causes test failures 2011-02-17
33277 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE test-privserver always crashes and nobody noticed 2011-02-02
33336 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE remove, invalidate, free DBusWatch (in that order) before closing the socket 2011-06-13
38120 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE byteswapping a message doesn't change the byte-order mark 2011-06-13
40151 dbus GLib smcv RESO FIXE Crash in gerror_domaincode_to_dbus_error_name() 2012-05-10
51406 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE doesn't automatically create /var/lib/dbus any more 2012-07-03
67828 Telepath gabble smcv RESO FIXE roster/ test fails with modern telepathy-glib 2013-08-06
67872 Telepath rakia smcv RESO FIXE make Rakia releasable so I can start a 0.8.x stable branch 2013-09-10
67875 Wocky General smcv RESO FIXE FTBFS with gtk-doc: Jingle XML docs not found 2013-08-19
67900 Wocky General smcv RESO FIXE assorted test failures 2013-08-09
83530 dbus GLib smcv RESO FIXE dbus-glib tests fail with modern GLib: tries to remove a GSource more than once 2014-09-05
88811 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE CVE-2015-0245: systemd activation in dbus >= 1.4 is subject to local denial of service 2015-02-09
98157 dbus core smcv RESO FIXE format string vulnerability processing ActivationFailure messages 2016-10-10
83358 pixman pixman soren.sandmann RESO MOVE pixman-0.32.6 fails to build on mips32r2 2018-06-05
1579 xorg Lib/Xft suzhe RESO FIXE fake bold support to Xft library 2008-11-22
18530 Telepath salut tdfischer RESO FIXE Should implement IPv4 socket for file transfer 2012-03-13
20841 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE comply with telepathy-spec 0.17.22 regarding stream directions 2009-06-02
23935 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE MC is not able to match "Requested=true" in channel filters 2009-09-14
24273 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Add a "proxy mode" preventing MC parting channels when the UI crashes. 2012-11-14
24390 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Use the correct marshaller for pre-presence signal 2009-10-16
24626 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE [0.9] May call finish_shutdown() twice (and hence crash) 2009-10-22
25600 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE TpAccount secretly adds gio >= 2.22 dep 2009-12-12
26170 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs RESO FIXE Tubes tests fail assertion about RequestableChannelClasses 2010-01-22
3512 shared-m freedesk teuf RESO WONT Support for the EET archive file type 2007-02-05
133 pkg-conf src tfheen RESO FIXE Patch to list all variables 2010-05-09
18472 xorg Driver/m tilman RESO FIXE Xinerama broken with xserver 1.5 2013-10-25
5106 xorg Server/G torrey RESO FIXE build failure, on Mac OS X 10.4 2011-10-15
6983 UIM bridge: uim-bugs RESO FIXE UIM background setting 2006-05-22
33474 dbus core walters RESO FIXE RLIMIT_NOFILE is typically less than our claimed max number of connections 2011-02-03
6443 xorg Input/ev warp-spam+fdo RESO FIXE evdev patch with inotify support 2006-04-17
6734 xorg Input/ev warp-spam+fdo RESO FIXE evdev does not ensure inotify fd is O_NONBLOCK 2006-04-30
8469 xorg Input/ev warp-spam+fdo RESO INVA make multimedia keys map as keys and not buttons 2008-12-04
8647 xorg Input/ev warp-spam+fdo RESO WONT Patch to support button remapping per device 2008-05-01
13158 Telepath gabble will RESO FIXE support Jingle raw UDP and ICE transports 2009-06-29
22458 Telepath gabble will RESO FIXE Bump Jingle namespaces, and advertise a/v caps 2009-06-29
25341 Telepath gabble will RESO FIXE Always sets its own vcard on login 2009-12-15
1411 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE [XKB] mt symbols file wrong 2006-06-14
5435 xkeyboar General xkb RESO INVA Suggestion for an alternative phonetic cyrillic layout. 2008-11-29
6013 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE 3 neu afghan keymaps created (dari, pashto, southern uzbek), add to xkb 2006-02-24
6474 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE [rfa] xkbdesc/symbols/be wang variant 2006-04-02
7347 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE xkb model evdev does not support pc105 geometry 2006-12-23
9002 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE Biblical variant of 'il' keyboard layout 2006-11-19
9061 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE The backslash/bar definition is missing in the us dvorak variant 2007-01-25
16641 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE [PATCH] USA - Macintosh layout is still just a placeholder after all this time 2008-07-08
89083 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE Add support for Latinamerican Dvorak layout 2015-04-04
312 xorg Driver/s xorg-team RESO FIXE New Driver: SMI 501 2007-12-17
317 xorg App/twm xorg-team RESO FIXE Additional features for TWM 2007-02-26
640 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO FIXE Moving of libXThrStub into libX11 2006-11-29
728 xorg Lib/othe xorg-team RESO FIXE RUI in _X11TransSocketINETGetAddr at lines 371, 379, 441 etc. in file "Xtranssock.c" 2006-09-13
807 xorg Driver/m xorg-team RESO FIXE Minor display corruption with XAA offscreen pixmaps for mach64 2006-08-04
808 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team RESO FIXE Xt: XtAppAddInput additional input sometimes ignored in multi-threaded application 2007-04-07
925 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team RESO FIXE Using Freetype 2.1.8+ symbols breaks build on many systems 2006-06-03
1441 xorg Fonts/ot xorg-team RESO INVA [PATCH] Some converted fonts are not generated. 2006-04-17
1755 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO MOVE _XGetAsyncReply mishandling of 'discard' parameter Fri 20:09
1836 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO DUPL [PATCH] undesired keycode conversion for NEC PC-98x1 2007-04-08
1889 xorg Driver/r xorg-team RESO FIXE r128_dri: isn't patient enough waiting for idle (4.2->4.3 regression) 2006-06-03
1992 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE [ATI/radeon] timing bug (tearing) 2007-02-22
2030 xorg Input/Ke xorg-team RESO FIXE Support of Cherry Cymotion Master Linux keyboard 2007-02-22
2073 xorg Driver/o xorg-team RESO FIXE CFLAGS used for sunffb are incoherent on sparc linux using gcc; gcc should never use -mv8 2007-02-22
2135 xorg App/xpro xorg-team RESO INVA xprop doesnt select the right window in tab-using windowmanagers 2018-06-17
2168 xorg Driver/m xorg-team RESO FIXE [Matrox/MGA] Graphics corruption on Matrox Mystique (mga1064sg) 2006-11-19
2176 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE DGA mode detection sets imageHeight and imageWidth to 0 2009-08-31
2340 xorg App/xcom xorg-team RESO INVA xcompmgr option to not fade big windows 2018-06-12
2478 xorg App/xdm xorg-team RESO FIXE xdm should support echoing * for password entry 2010-03-15
2552 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE Stretching display to fill LCD panel should be optional 2007-02-22
2739 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team RESO WONT [PATCH] StaticNeedsPicForShared YES is often required on x86 2006-06-03
2832 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO INVA Broken implementation of XIMStringConversionCallback in libX11. 2018-06-12
3042 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE lnx_io.c contains conditional code that uses kernel headers in a broken way 2006-07-08
3413 xorg App/xrdb xorg-team RESO FIXE [PATCH] predefined cpp macros can produce unexpected resuls in xrdb 2013-07-20
3470 xorg Driver/V xorg-team RESO WONT vga/generic.c will not link if XF1Bpp or XF4Bpp is undefined 2006-06-03
3526 xorg Lib/Xaw xorg-team RESO FIXE XawInit.h should include Instrinsic.h 2010-10-27
3547 xorg Input/Mo xorg-team RESO FIXE [PATCH] RFE: Generate MouseUp event on EmulateWheel button release 2006-06-04
4168 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE access to freed memory in the modules loader 2006-05-25
4246 xorg Driver/t xorg-team RESO FIXE Add DDC2 support for Voodoo3 chipsets ( and probably others ) 2007-02-27
4247 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE Access to freed memory in argb cursor code on server exit 2006-05-25
4289 xorg Input/Ke xorg-team RESO DUPL Patch for multimedia keyboard Genius Comfy KB-19e 2006-04-19
4325 xorg App/xrdb xorg-team RESO WONT [PATCH] xrdb should use mcpp if it's available 2011-10-15
4537 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE miext/shadow/shrotate.c speedup 2010-05-10
4652 xorg Server/D xorg-team RESO FIXE Xv + Silkenmouse = Lethal race condition 2011-09-24
4703 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team RESO FIXE Xft.h includes prototypes for undefined functions 2008-10-25
4771 xorg Server/D xorg-team RESO FIXE Kill xf1bpp 2008-06-25
4939 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team RESO DUPL XCreateFontSet / XListFonts is very slow for UTF-8 locales 2011-10-10
4999 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE Freeze while on MacMini, possible related to sound usage. 2007-02-22
5049 xorg Server/D xorg-team RESO FIXE Xming fails to use xkb 2006-12-12
5057 xorg Server/E xorg-team RESO FIXE dri drivers are built without support for s3tc texture compression (using an external library) 2007-05-17
5064 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team RESO FIXE [PATCH] libX11 locale data files should be in ${datadir}/X11/locale 2006-06-01
5140 xorg Server/D xorg-team RESO INVA Xorg slow when acpid running 2018-06-12
5173 xorg Driver/T xorg-team RESO FIXE Double Scan support for the trident driver. 2006-12-01
5176 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team RESO FIXE fonts fail to build without mkfontscale and mkfontdir 2008-10-25
5234 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO DUPL [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server-snap crashes with ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 2005-12-06
5268 xorg Lib/Xcur xorg-team RESO FIXE Memory leak in XcursorXcFileLoadImages 2006-06-03
5473 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE Blank screen with Radeon Mobility X700 (Acer Ferrari 4005) 2007-10-30
5491 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team RESO FIXE libXft uses new fontconfig objects without registering 2007-11-05
5523 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE ATI driver doesn't compile when USE_XAA is undefined 2006-01-08
5564 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE New loader option -showopts 2008-11-23
5614 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team RESO FIXE xorg-cf-files ignores configure parameters 2009-10-14
5627 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team RESO FIXE Broken font symlinks 2006-02-28
5668 xorg * Other xorg-team RESO FIXE [PATCH] Evdev support in kdrive 2007-08-07
5678 xorg Driver/R xorg-team RESO FIXE Radeon AGP mode setting is broken 2006-06-19
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